Change and Chaos and Control

The business world has experienced great change during the past 5 years; much like riding a bull at a rodeo.


LIVEOUTLOUD has come through this worldwide chaos but our survival was not luck. We deliberately planned, strategized and restructured our way throughout this time of global recession and uncertainty.

Our survival was a 5 point strategy

  1. Chaos brings confusion – We rejected confusion and became¬†single minded. No matter how murky the waters became we only got more and more focused on our pinpoint goals i.e. to be the “best luxury brand magazine” and events company anywhere.
  2. Chaos is unpredictable – We therefore implemented the 90 day business rule. While remaining focused on our goals we reinvented ourselves every 90 days. Like riding a bull the reinvention was in response to what was happening around us.
  3. Chaos seems random – Chaos however is dependent of the initial conditions that started the chaos. By focusing on the initial conditions the chaos was no longer random. As the meltdown was initiated by global financial collapse we took control of our finances and learnt to master the numbers in our balance sheet.
  4. Chaos brings disorder – We embraced order. We flattened our management structure and made everybody 100% accountable regardless of their position, portfolio or the immediate circumstances; if this meant working through the night we did it, but the job got done.
  5. Chaos engenders disorganization РWe ruthlessly  implemented organisation.
    • Organisation is having an expert in every field.
    • Organisation is diversity across genders, ages, cultures, personality types, paradigms and disciplines. Diversity therefore plugged the gaps we had in our organisation, mindset and culture.
    • Organisation is everybody (despite their diversity) adhering to the same values and culture.

This painful process was fortunate and our organisation is the stronger for it.