The Creative Entrepreneur. 2. I dont want to know

Creative Entrepeneur
There are two economies. They are . . .
• ‘This is how it works economy’
• ‘I don’t want to know how it works economy’

As business leaders we made a choice about which of the two spaces we play in.

In the 1980’s IBM knew how it worked i.e. big business needed computers, people did not. Steve Job at Apple did not care about how it worked. He believed that people needed computers even if they did not know it yet. He told his team that people were waiting for their products when in fact they were not – their expectation was only in his head yet it was this ‘delusional’ thinking that drove and inspired his engineers to create not only the products but at the same time, the demand for the products.

It is up to us to decide which economy we are going to play in. If we choose the ‘this is how it works economy’ we play by pre-established rules. If we choose the ‘I don’t care how it works economy’ we are entering the Steve Job’s world of applied imagination – the creative entrepreneur.

If you are constantly having to compete on price then you are probably playing in the ‘this is how it works economy’. If price is less of a concern and you are more interested in performance, chances are you are playing in the ‘I don’t want to how it works economy’.