The Creative Entrepreneur. 4. Delusion and Future Vision


You can lead your company using one of two styles. You can . . .

• Lead with the statistical facts of harsh reality.
• Look past the present circumstances and see a new world of opportunity

Does ‘future vision’ of success constitute lies and delusion or is it the pinnacle of innovation and leadership?

Delusion is defined as a ‘false belief or hope’. This is ridiculous as both ‘belief’ and ‘hope’ deal with the future whereas ‘false’ deals with present. No definition can have one foot in the future and one present; this is a contradiction – hope cannot be false and vision cannot be a lie. This has enormous consequences on the leadership styles we use when running our companies.

For the people of Silicon Valley in the 1980’s delusion and fantasy was the world of Steve Jobs the greatest creative entrepreneur of our time.

For 2014 the concept of fantasy and delusional business thinking excites me to my core.