Business Lessons from Genghis Khan


As an entrepreneur I have benefited for lessons of leadership and business from Genghis Khan . . . . . . . . . .

I love stories of successful leaders like Genghis Khan. He conquered ¾ of the known world in 1215.

I find his strategies useful for my business LIVEOUTLOUD South Africa.

He was a leader ‘who did more, with less’ which makes him a perfect role model in the tough business environment we find ourselves in 2013. His army was smaller and less sophisticated, yet he routed the nations of the Middle East and China despite being a member of a tented nomadic Mongolian tribe who had never seen a city, a stone wall or a well. His success can be attributed to one thing i.e. speed, both physically and strategically.

I found that his life and strategies offered lessons for management structures, leadership models, values and strategies.