Genghis Khan – Lessons in Leadership and Management 3


Genghis Khan surrounded himself with people that had two characteristics i.e. they were brilliant in their own right and they were loyal . . . . . . . . .

Loyalty is not a strategy. If people continually do business with you you cannot give them a customer card and call it a ‘loyalty card’ – rewards and loyalty are not the same thing.


Loyalty is a fundamental principle or value. It is a two way relationship and includes trust, honesty, transparency and credibility. When things go wrong, as they do, clients, friends and staff who leave are functioning at the level of reward. Those that don’t, who function at the deeper level of loyalty do not abandon ship; both parties have a long term commitment to the other regardless of the cost.

Setbacks affect people who are rewards orientated but not people who are loyal . Building your team with people who are loyal to your cause is a critical part of leadership.