Genghis Khan – Lessons in Leadership and Management 4


Business rules – Break them.

Entrepreneurs . . . Business is War  . . . . . . you are in business to win, to excel and to dominate. Study your competitors, understand the rules of your industry and then break them decisively and deliberately. Move quickly to get a 6 month advantage in a matter of weeks.

Genghis Khan understood the rules of warfare i.e. the army that retreats is beaten, don’t attack in winter, do not attack at night.

He retreated across a deep river leaving his enemy on the other side. Under cover of darkness and using inflated sheep carcasses he floated 100 000 men over the river and attacked at night.

This was not tokenism. He employed his whole army. He knew that all 100000 of his men were needed to defeat 300000 even in the dead of night.

In business we study the competitors. We take all the resources we have to swamp their numerical advantage and their entrenched position. Then we move quickly and decisively.  This is not the time to be subtle.

Business rules are not rules at all. They are the guide lines that have come to be accepted by a particular industry over a period of time. These same rules are often to the detriment of the consumer and are used by bigger brands to entrench their dominance. These rules are often self-serving and lead to complacency. This is why breaking them can lead to a six month advantage in a matter of weeks.

Re-create the industry. Re-create the rules. Revolutionize the industry and gain the advantage formerly  held by your competitors.