Jamie Odgers – Drive and Ambition

In every business book I have read, drive and ambition have been the key character traits amongst those who become great.

The people who are driven and ambitious stand out from a young age – people like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos (created Amazon). Someone like Jamie Odgers stood out from the first time I met him. He made an incredible impression in terms of just how driven he was; he stood out amongst his peers, he just had a different aura about him and he carried himself differently.

Jamie Odgers did an internship with LIVEOUTLOUD when he completed matric before he set off to America on a rowing scholarship. He achieved exceptional results as part of the Boston University Men’s Rowing crew and is going to be a sporting name to remember. He was in Johannesburg for five days and he chose to visit us at VAULTLife.com for three of them as his aim is to achieve greatness, not only in rowing, but also in the business world.