Mike Eilertsen

CEO and founder of VAULTLife.com and LIVEOUTLOUD

MIKE-EILERTSEN. VAULTLife. Once is a life time experiences. Viral gamification

Taking risks and constantly creating opportunities are key.” – Mike Eilertsen

Thirty two year old Mike Eilertsen is the founding member of the luxury lifestyle magazine  LIVEOUTLOUD and the revolutionary online marketing platform VAULTLife.com.

A passionate and dynamic businessman, he is always pushing boundaries, redefining industries and changing the rules of engagement. Nicknamed South Africa’s “Richard Branson in the making” by Leadership Magazine, Mike Eilertsen was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Company in South Africa” and “Second Most Innovate Company on the African Continent in the Africa SMME Awards 2012. He is also showcased as one of the people likely to shape this century in the “Facing a Century” art collection. He is a member of EO (Entrepreneur Organization) and a brand ambassador for PeaceStarts.

Mike Eilertsen is a luxury brands specialist and a serial entrepreneur. His mantra “People do not buy products – they buy people, they buy the story and they buy the brand.” ; using this mindset he envisioned a global platform linking products, people and brands in an eCommerce application that he dubbed “viral gamification”.

This game changing application which he named VAULTLife.com has attracted millions of dollars of investment and partners across North America, Europe, Australia, Canada and throughout Africa. Offices representing VAULTLife.com are opening in 27 different countries and states. The revolutionary software has been in development for two years and has caused whispers across Silicon Valley. This benchmark platform will generate unprecedented insight into customer behaviour, provide “never-before-seen” big data in consumerism, and pre-empt marketing trends in real time.

As a visionary and a pioneer his specialty over the past 12 has been the ‘fast rollout’ of new companies and products. His impressive professional experience spans 12 years; twelve years in marketing and advertising, eight years in publishing, seven years in large scale events, two years travel, and two years in hi-tech software development (many of these concurrent)

He is a coveted international main platform speaker and is regularly featured in print, online, on radio and TV in the USA, Europe and Africa.

Mike Eilertsen is proudly South African and sees a home for the Spirit of Africa in Silicon Valley.