Mike Eilertsen

“Taking risks and constantly creating opportunities are key”, says Mike Eilertsen, CEO of LIVEOUTLOUD Magazine and VAULTLife.com

Thirty two year old Mike Eilertsen is the founding member of the luxury lifestyle magazine  LIVEOUTLOUD and the revolutionary online marketing eCommerce platform VAULTLife.com.

A passionate and dynamic businessman, he is always pushing boundaries, redefining industries and changing the rules of engagement. Nicknamed South Africa’s “Richard Branson in the making” by Leadership Magazine, Mike Eilertsen was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Company in South Africa” and “Second Most Innovate Company on the African Continent in the Africa SMME Awards 2012. He is also showcased as one of the people likely to shape this century in the “Facing a Century” art collection. He is a member of EO (Entrepreneur Organization) and a brand ambassador for PeaceStarts.


Mike Eilertsen and Cyril Ramaposa

18 October 2014. Mike Eilertsen with Cyril Ramaphosa deputy president of South Africa. Mike and Steve van der Klis were invited by Cyril Ramaphosa to this “Back to School” function aimed at raising funds for better educational opportunities for South African youth.

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LIVEOUTLOUD, our luxury lifestyle magazine and VAULTLIFE, the lifestyle app that is going global are both well worth a visit.


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