Running a successful business

simple and elegant

There is a magic ingredient to running a successful business . . . . i.e. finding an elegant solution to all things.

Elegance is not a soft girly word. At the heart of elegance is the concept of being “ingeniously simple” (effortless, refined, tasteful and graceful are all part of it). Because an elegant solution is ingeniously simple it is quick, easy and inexpensive to implement; it does not incur an onerous and crushing overhead.

  • An elegant solution has a wow factor. Your staff love it because it is easy to implement. Your clients are amazed because it catches them off guard; they are both surprised and delighted.
  • An elegant solution has a simple beauty to it; it is timeless and classic.
  • An elegant solution does not incur discomfort and disturbance around it. It fits effortlessly into the existing infrastructure without major paradigm shifts or renovations.
  • An elegant solution is fun and everybody enjoys participating in the process.
  • An elegant solution contrasts with its surroundings; its stands out without being offensive or authoritarian.
  • An elegant solution gets buy-in from all concerned, quickly and easily.

Example: The most anticipated event at the annual LIVEOUTLOUD Super Car day is the race between a super car and a helicopter around Kyalami race track. This is a typical LIVEOUTLOUD Event Рit has the wow factor yet is eqasy to implement, surprising and delighting both clients and spectators alike.

LIVEOUTLOUD Supercar and Helicopter final race