Seasonal Marketing LIVEOUTLOUD magazine

LIVEOUTLOUD Spring 2013 edition. The touch edition
The new edition of the LIVEOUTLOUD magazine (The Collection) is out. This year 2013 we focused on the five senses; the new magazine is the Touch edition and is part 3 of 4.

Last year our seasonal marketing strategy focused on The Elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Wind.  This approach keeps our publication fresh and auto suggests new directions for every edition.

Every new theme affects the content, colours and images.  Every new theme forces our editorial team to make new choices with regard to design, layout and editorial. Therefore a reader enjoying our magazine will know (at a subconscious level) that the magazine is unique, different and fresh.

Take a hard look at your own business. How are you able to make seasonal marketing work for you? It will breathe fresh air into your existing and long standing relationships with your clients and supporters.

Personally I’m very proud of the new Spring edition and the team that put it together. We have entered our magazine into the Pica awards and are confident that LIVEOUTLOUD will feature well at the gala event on 14 November 2013.

The annual Pica awards are facilitated by MPASA – The Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa