Setting targets for staff – Management

Weekly management meetings with staff are easy. There is only one question, “Have you hit your target?” Nothing else matters . . . .

management by setting targets

There are only two possible answers i.e.”Yes” and “No”.┬áIf “Yes” we talk RECOGNITION. If “No” we talk CHANGE.

Change is simple and is made of three elements i.e.

  • the target,
  • time management and
  • rethinking

It is unlikely that the target is the problem. How can an acceptable target suddenly become flawed?

Time management is a solvable problem.

The most likely candidate is old thinking. Old thinking is a lot like cholesterol – it affects performance. Rethinking is the solution as it demands that we “profoundly reconsiders” our strategies. Re-thinking brings profound changes that allows us to reach our targets.

By setting targets for staff and making them accountable one week later your business is set for expansion especially if it is coupled with the powerful antidote of rethinking. By incorporating targets and rethinking as a basion of company-culture you can only expand.