The LIVEOUTLOUD South Africa Team

LIVEOUTLOUD South Africa is a leader in the luxury brands market in South Africa

The LIVEOUTLOUD Team is not lip service  . . . It is politically correct for every leader to acknowledge his team; its a cliché.

Yet I can honestly say that the LIVEOUTLOUD Group is were it is today because of team work of the highest caliber from individual team members who have learnt to deliver exceptional work beyond their natural abilities and beyond the call of duty.

More than a year ago we held an Indaba and as a team drafted a company culture and ethos document. Everybody participated in defining our company culture. The result is a document, nay a constitution, that holds the place of ultimate authority in the company. No-one is above our company culture, including me. When a difficult situation develops in the office we immediately draw out this hallowed statement and read it top to bottom. Within a few minutes the matter is mutually resolved – everybody stands equal before the document and is dealt with accordingly.

One characteristic of our company ethos is that we do not draw a line between our personal affairs and company affairs. They are one and the same. Our personal lives freely spill over into the office and the office spills over into our private lives. A crisis for one member of the team is a company crisis and we deal with it accordingly. My spare bedroom has been inhabited for months at a time by members of staff who have had accommodation issues. I have borrowed vehicles from the staff when I have had transport problems. Our dogs don’t bark at home, they bark in the office.

I am proud of the LIVEOUTLOUD Team and I hope that they are proud of me.

Click here for a copy of the LIVEOUTLOUD office culture document (you will be surprised)