VAULTLife – Viral Gamification


Blog update from Orlando, Florida, USA

In 8 hours I will be presenting VAULTLife to 80 CEO marketers attending the MegaMarketing 2014 Conference here in Orlando (this will be a pre-launch)

VAULTLife is going to be an international game changer. What started out as a luxury online app a year ago in South Africa has now been upgraded for the international market. When we launch in July 2014 we will have an office in 5 different countries.

What is VAULTLife? VAULTLife is viral gamification.

  • For players it is an online gaming app for luxury goods, events and experiences – it gives you the lifestyle without breaking the bank.
  • For luxury brand managers it is a research tool that offers data and reports in real time empowering instant changes to marketing strategies with little risk and zero expense.

This is why I’m at MegaMarketing – this is a conference for CEO Marketers who deal in the currency of ground breaking ideas.

There are an infinite number of great ideas around but only a few will make it. Those that succeed are those that understand the critical role of positioning. Once that is sorted the next thing is to create the correct type of hype around your product – this is the message of the internationally acclaimed speakers this weekend.

“CEO Marketer” Definition: “If you expect your marketers to make you millions, you have already failed – it is the “CEO Marketer” who takes the vision and turns it into millions ” – JT Foxx

VAULTLife viral gamification