The General Address

A general address to your staff is the day the CEO or business owner looks at his goals in general, assesses the benchmarks he set  as well as the objectives that he wanted to achieve.  It is essential for any company no matter what the size.

In July, you should be sitting on 40% of your yearly turnover if your objectives were correct because of April having such a low turnover.

It is good to remind the company of these objectives. This will hopefully inspire them at this half way mark of the year, looking at where the company is at and where it is going. This will remind them of the goals that were set at the beginning of the year and remind them that they are held accountable for achieving these goals. There should be a sense of excitement when they see how much has been accomplished and what needs to be achieved moving forward.

Topics that should be covered in the general address are;

  • Objectives.
  • Culture.
  • Values.

Never underestimate the role that culture and values play in a general address as well as the value of reminding the company on the type of ethos that they stand for.

The general address also includes;

  • What is expected of them as people.
  • What is expected of them in their workplace.
  • What the company represents and stands for.

Our culture and values are an inspirational and passionate document that will be proudly read out as we plot and correlate it towards our next six months strategy.

The general address should outline how the strategy for the next six months has changed.

Objectives and yearly benchmarks may be the same, but it should fundamentally look at the strategy at that of the Head of Department level. The HOD levels should deal with the next six months and what every department should be instituting. This should include when the department will have their September and November campaign completed for implementation, as well as when will it be pre-approved, how much are you relying on it at that point in time and what figures have to be achieved by then.

At a HOD level, the general address should tackle what the next six month’s bigger strategy is going to be. At a junior as well as a day to day executive level, it should address what they should be looking at month to month, week to week and day to day. Breaking those objectives down into bite-sized pieces to ensure they are easily understood.