Doing the unexpected

As a serial entrepreneur I love doing the unexpected. I ask myself what my opponents expect me to do – and then I do something else. By “opponents” I don’t always mean my competitors; sometimes my opponents are the prevailing conditions.

Some examples –

  • When the magazine market became tough I upgraded my luxury lifestyle magazine LIVEOUTLOUD and added 100 pages and a hardcover. We spent more on paper, UV-varnish and editorial. Our expenses per issue increased but so did our subscriptions. Our advertisers loved us because we switched to a quarterly publication and they therefore spent less with us than before.
  • When PlayOutLoud was a resounding success I scrapped the software as copycats sprang up. The developers started from the beginning – we changed the app and called it VaultLife. VaultLife International will launch 16 October 2014 leaving our competitors behind as we make a gigantic leap forward offering¬† VaultLife in multiple countries, in multiple cities, in multiple venues, in multiple currencies and with multiple membership levels. What also sets VaultLife apart is its ability to offer once in a lifetime experiences alongside luxury brands.

For this reason I love this TED Talk by Colin Robertson,  a social energy entrepreneur.

He does the unexpected, catches his audience off guard, gets their attention and their engagement. This is my aim with VaultLife . VaultLife is something so new we call it viral gamification – a new interpretation of eCommerce where we . . .

  • make supply and demand redundant.
  • pursue engagement, not transaction.
  • disconnect wow from worth.
  • create new consumers for luxury products and once in a lifetime experiences.

VaultLife is a whole new app, unexpected and guaranteed to delight. Be part of the worldwide launch on 16 October 2014.

vaultlife - international launch 16 oct 2014