Are you building an Apple or a Google?

Leadership in Business.

Apple’s success was often pinned on the thought and leadership of the CEO, Steve Jobs. When Jobs got kicked out, the company went down and when he passed away the share price crashed. It took a long time for the company to build a brand independent of the CEO because of the critical role he landed up fulfilling.

Apple is often regarded as one of the best brands and businesses in the world but in saying that I think Steve Jobs failed as a leader because of the fact that he didn’t build strong enough secondary tier management. This is evident in the fact that the organisation was immediately negatively affected when he was removed from the organisation.


On the other hand let’s look at the organisation of Google. No one actually knows who the leadership of Google is. No one can actually tell me who the current CEO of Google is or their secondary management. The brand and the company is bigger than the managers and the CEO.

For me, when the brand and the company are bigger than the people within their organisation, a great company has not only been built but phenomenal leadership has been achieved.

The goal of entrepreneurship is for the entrepreneur to only pioneer it so far but then have the ability to remove himself and the company’s existence continues in perpetuity.