Entrepreneurial Spirit – Survival

Much has been written about the entrepreneurial spirit – perhaps too much i.e. definitions, protocols and strategies. Entrepreneurship however is not something you talk about – it’s something you instinctively live.

entrepreneurial spirit survival

Its life as usual in this London bookstore destroyed by a bombing raid in 1940.

In my book, the ability to survive is the defining characteristic of the entrepreneur. There is no attitude of reliance or entitlement – no bill of rights – no excuses – no procrastination – no pre-defined game plan and indeed, very few rules. The successful entrepreneur is a survivor; a deep tactical instinct to “survive and adapt” regardless of circumstances, trends or betrayal.

The successful entrepreneur has a war-room mentality. Resources, strategies, intelligence and alliances are close at hand. Using gut-instinct he discerns the available field intelligence and immediately, and without remorse, makes a tactical survival choice – once made he pursues it with uncompromising tenacity because failure is not an option.

For these reasons front-and-center in his war-room are his Code of Values because “survival without conscious” is a dark and lonely road. Making difficult choices have wide and serious consequences and if you are going to be called to book your value-set needs to carry you through critical scrutiny from both friend and foe.

Evolution tells us that survival is built on a myriad different resources. This is why his war-room is over-engineered. Diverse networks, deep relationships and a robust reputation are all war-room resources. The roller coaster of Surprise-and-Business throws out diverse challenges and only over-engineered resources will carry you through.