Who I am

I am a challenge seeker. To create that which never existed drives me. A day dreamer, with a passion for life that infuses actions to those ideas.

Who I am is reflected in every interaction, so making an impression with the car guard or waiter, is  as important as the CEO.

I believe in building people up, because as they grow, you grow.

What I do best, is taking that first step, and having done it many times now, I have learnt that you are all that stands in the way of your own potential.

I have worked impossible hours, dropped balls and lost friendships but I have learnt how deep my character goes, and I have never faulted in those dark, dark hours.

My successes have humble beginnings, with few tools other than my passion, drive and refusal to see things as impossible.

May my blog inspire you. May it reassure you when things get tough, make you laugh at how simple life can be, but most of all nudge you to take your own first step to the dreams that will define you.