Genghis Khan – Lessons in Leadership and Management 6

You are an entrepreneur. When do you grow a business? From a platform of abundance or scarcity? . . . . .

Genghis Khan built one of the greatest empires from scarcity.

Genghis Khan. Growing a business

His homeland of Mongolia is a harsh environment; freezing cold, arid, isolated, treeless and with little in the way of natural resources. The Mongols developed a lifestyle matched to this environment and flourished. Every man had three horses and with a few chunks of cheese and blood from his horses he could survive for 16 days. When he fired a shot, he never missed because arrows were scare.  Russia by comparison was an easy environment with food, trees, water and infrastructure – even the Russian winter the Mongols took in their stride.

Building a business in a recession is not for the fainthearted but then that depends what you are use to. If you have developed an appetite for abundance then you will hunker down and with the rest of your bushiness sector wait for the good times to return. If however you are used scarcity you will see big wide open spaces of opportunity. Your ability to do great things with little will leave your intimidated opposition far behind as you reap in fields of little competition and great opportunity.