Face to face meetings vs Online meetings

Face to face meetings vs online meetings is constantly top of mind here at Vaultlife. Face-to-face meetings take a huge amount of time, require a massive amount of effort and build a relationship that in theory can still be undone because whoever gives the best... read more

The Genius of Small Budgets.

One of the culture and values that VAULTLife.com has is that we only give small budgets to each department which they have to use creatively and strategically.    This means that apply independent thinking to each situation and it ensures that they leverage other... read more

The General Address

A general address to your staff is the day the CEO or business owner looks at his goals in general, assesses the benchmarks he set  as well as the objectives that he wanted to achieve.  It is essential for any company no matter what the size. In July, you should be... read more

Pillars of management are obsolete

Management and complexity . . . . As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify them. Why is productivety so disappointing? Why are people so disengaged? The traditional pillars of management are obsolete. You do not fight your competitors, you fight yourself.... read more

Accounting for Business Owners

Don’t Believe Your Accountant! This is an indictment against business owners who blindly believe what their accountants say – an accounting for business owners guide. Business owners, it is your responsibility to check your businesses finances even if your... read more

August – Re-energize

August – Its a great month if you live in the Northern Hemisphere – but we dont.. In the south its a month that falls between the cracks – people get sick, the weather is unpredictable, sales slow down, people slow down as they wait in anticipation... read more