Sir Richard Branson Leadership

Sir Richard Branson Leadership – a style of business leadership that is more focused on drawing a line in the sand than robust profiteering. Branson is an entrepreneur and a pioneer. His leadership is able to fabricate the skeleton onto which others will later... read more

The General Address

A general address to your staff is the day the CEO or business owner looks at his goals in general, assesses the benchmarks he set  as well as the objectives that he wanted to achieve.  It is essential for any company no matter what the size. In July, you should be... read more

Business Lessons from Genghis Khan

As an entrepreneur I have benefited for lessons of leadership and business from Genghis Khan . . . . . . . . . . I love stories of successful leaders like Genghis Khan. He conquered ¾ of the known world in 1215. I find his strategies useful for my business LIVEOUTLOUD... read more